Cash for Cars Preston

If you are looking to make some INSTANT CASH or just have an old car that you don’t want anymore, then Cash for Cars Preston is the one and only place you need to look at.  Get rich with our car removal service for little to no effort at all.  You can get up to $9999 cash up front with absolutely no hidden costs nor sneaky fine print conditions.  With us, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal for your car, so that you can buy what you want, immediately.

Zero stress, maximum cash

Why go through the effort of selling your car when you can just make the cash with us?  Avoid all the stress from car listings and searching for buyers, and make more money by employing our services at Cash for Cars Preston.  We are buying any car – that means any model, any size or any condition.  No car will be turned away by us.  If you’ve got a 10 year old Nissan that’s just long past its prime, or even a Corolla missing 3 tires and a side mirror, we’ll still take it.

To save you even more cash in your wallet, we also offer a FREE car removal service.  That means we’ll drive all the way to the pickup destination that you selected and tow away your car at no cost to you whatsoever.  So with Cash for Cars Preston you save even more, while making more.

If you want to know how much cash you can make and save, call us now at 0402 932 560 or fill out our online form to get in contact with one of us today.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Through our years in the trade, we at Cash for Cars Preston have refined our processes and defined key goals.  One of these is customer satisfaction.  We make it a focal point to ensure customer satisfaction, and that is why Cash for Cars Preston has become one of the leading competitors in the car removal industry in Melbourne.  From equipment to personnel, we’ve structured our methods so that we’ve streamline it where we can to relieve as much stress from you as possible.

For example, at Cash for Cars Preston this is evident in our appraisers.  We have hand-picked our staff for people who have shown an aptitude for assessing value and have more than sufficient experience in the business.  This enables us to always produce accurate assessments of the value of your car, so that you get top dollar for your car and can finish the day with a grin.  This continues through to the equipment we use.  We use top-of-line gear and well maintained machinery and vehicles to ensure the entire process proceeds like butter.  No malfunctioning equipment, no inexperienced workers.  The combination of the two ensures that from removal all the way to salvage yard, your car is handled as efficiently as possible.  And as a result, the experience for you is without stress and without delays.

Go green

With Cash for Cars Preston, you can be proud of yourself knowing that you are helping the environment.  Scrap cars can be passively releasing toxic substances into the environment, as well as causing visual pollution and being a general safety hazard.  With us, you can rest assured that your car will be handled carefully and that all its parts will be recycled for new purposes or otherwise disposed of properly.  So by leaving your car with us, you know you are being green, all while receiving a pretty penny for it – how great is that?

Why choose us?

We at Cash for Cars Preston are the car removal specialists that you can trust.  We are licensed professionals who have over 20 years of experience in the industry and have become a widely trusted company across Melbourne.  We pride ourselves on providing timely and efficient service which is evident in our customer satisfaction rating.  From valuation to disposal, we welcome our customers with a friendly smile and provide quality customer service.  We offer a free car valuation and free car removal service, as well as give you the best prices for your car.  With us, you can trust in a flexible, premium service that prioritises the satisfaction of you the customer.

Contact Us

If you would like to obtain a cash offer, call us now at 0402 932 560 or fill out the online form with details of your vehicle to receive a cash offer.  Should you accept our cash offer, then we can proceed to scheduling a pick up time for your car.

We ask that you have you the following prepared before the appointed date:

  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Keys to the vehicle
  • Removal of the vehicle number plate